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Motion Simulators

Full Motion 3D Roller Coaster/Ride Film Action!!!
Focusing on realism and speed, The VST-2200M Motion Simulator lets you ride real existing coasters, or build rollercoasters to your own specifications - with 27 different track styles, including inverted, hyper-coasters, wooden and shuttle coasters.
Ride ultra-realistic roller coasters and choose between more than 70 great premade tracks.
Choose different environments (fog, sunset, etc...), includes 3D scenery objects in your coaster tracks.
Click on the Movie below to see actual full motion footage!
Simulator Specifications:

* Full Motion Platform - 4, 6 or 8 Seater Platform Available

* Computer - State of the Art Console with Hardware/Software pre-configured

* External Monitor - 3D Headsets or 3D Projector

* Bundled 3D Roller Coaster Software Included

* Ride Film Titles Available

VST Price: M4 (4 Seater) - $55,000.00

VST Price: M6 (6 Seater) - $67,500.00

VST Price: M8 (8 Seater) - $80,000.00

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