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Golf Simulators

Real Interactive Golf Action in a Lightweight, Portable Simulator!!!
The portable, sturdy console is made for action! The game is flexible in terms of space requirements and unlike fixed space pool tables, is easily moved. The console houses a High Tech state-of-the-art computer, a track ball to simplify and speed play, and a high resolution 22 inch color monitor (custom size monitors also available).
Players use a 26-inch club shaped and weighted to simulate an actual golf club. At the shaft's end, a sleeve projects a laser beam during play. The sensor reads the beam as the club is swung... calculating the distance and direction of the ball's flight. Then, the computer simulates the flight on the high resolution color monitor.
The game is played on a heavy duty turf golf mat with an inlaid laser sensor.
The game allows 1 to 8 players to choose varying skill levels (beginner, amateur, pro) and select tee off distances (red, white, blue tees). Players also can vary wind and green conditions, and opt to use an electronic caddy to select clubs for each shot. Even "Mulligans" and "Gimmies" are allowed.
Realism is heightened by multi-media features that provide spectator gallery sounds to cheer " Birdies" , and a Commentator to react to players' shots
Click on the Movie below to see actual game footage!
Simulator Specifications:

* Computer - State of the Art PC with Hardware/Software pre-configured

* Includes - 26" Electronic Club/Sensors

* External Monitor - Enhanced 21" SVGA Display

* Bundled Golf Software - Includes 3 separate, fully interactive 18 hole courses

VST Price: $5500.00

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