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Flight Simulators

Ever want fly a fighter jet? Now you can in Mind Blowing 3D!!!
Experience the feel of realistic flight, the closest it gets to flying in a real fighter jet with the VST Flight Simulator. The VST Flight Simulator works with your existing PC flight simulators to enhance your flight simulator experience, making your experience as real as possible.
The VST Flight Simulator works by utilizing simple gravitational movements of the chair initiated by the use in response to the views on the playing screen (similar to what pilots will do in the air). The VST Flight Simulator has eliminated the need for expensive hydraulics and motors by utilizing gravitational force to generate the flight motion experience. The patent pending gimbal inner-frame responds to the actions of the control stick in real time.
Assembly of the VST Flight Simulator is easy. Follow easy assembly instructions included to assemble the light-weight aluminum frame and insert the 2 USB connectors into your computer.
Click on the Movie below to see actual game footage!
Simulator Specifications:

* Computer - State of the Art PC with Hardware/Software pre-configured

* Head Mounted 3D Visor - VR Stereoscopic 3D Visor with Integrated Head-Phones

* Controllers - Throttle, Flight Stick and Rudder Pedals

* Force-Feedback - Rumble Seat with Back Mounted Bass Shaker and 100 Watt Amplifier

* External Monitor - Enhanced SVGA Display

* Bundled 3D Flying Software - MicroSoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration

VST Price: $9,500.00

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