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3D Theaters

Watch Mind Blowing 3D Movies!!!
IMAX Haunted Castle:

This movie showcases the same amazing 3D effects as the original film shown in IMAX theaters - a top choice for 3D effects fanatics! Is is a fun, family movie based on a scary storyline. Digitally remastered from the original Large-Format film, this is probably one of the best 3D movies ever!

IMAX Encounter in the Third Dimension:

Originally released in IMAX theatres, Encounter in the Third Dimension is a groundbreaking venture into the realm of 3D filmmaking. 3D sight gags abound in this thrilling presentation that integrates State-of-the-Art CGI (computer graphics imagery) Technology and live action to explore the history of 3D photography and 3D motion pictures.

With over 100,000 hours of digital rendering required to create the computer graphics imagery in the film, Encounter in the Third Dimension represents an incredible achievement in digital filmmaking. Audiences encounter a re-creation of one of the earliest 3D movies ever made as well as classic film clips from Hollywood's 3D heyday during the 1950's.

IMAX Alien Adventure:

A cool movie for the whole family! In this entertaining, digitally-animated 3D film, we join the Glagoliths in a succession of eye-popping adventures. The outer space and theme park settings are ideal for showcasing 3 Dimensional depth effects. Viewers are taken up and down, twisting and turning on roller coaster type water and ice-sled rides at astounding speeds!

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Simulator Specifications:

* Console - State of the Art VST 3D Media Center

* Head Mounted 3D Visor - VR Stereoscopic 3D Visors

* Force-Feedback - Rumble Seat with Built-in Under/Back Mounted Bass Shakers and Pro Amplifier

* Included 3D Movies - IMAX Alien Adventure * IMAX Haunted Castle * IMAX Encounter in the Third Dimension * IMAX Ultimate G's * Ali Baba Adventure * Ali Baba Jewel Quest * Alice in Wonderland * Burning Rubber * Dracula's Castle * Enchanted Castle * Galactic Bumper Cars * Galaxy Wars 1 * Galaxy Wars 2 * Ganymede: First Zolo Contact * Inner-Space * Mouse Cartoon School * P-51 DogFight * Paradise Roller Coaster * Prehistoria Adventure * Roswell Incident * Shark Island * Space Shuttle Adventure

* 4 - 100 Seater Platform Available

* Other 3D Movie Titles Available By Request

VST Price: (4 Seater) - $8500.00

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Note: Yellow chairs are no longer available. Black chairs are now standard.

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